Children and Learning: Improving Through Chiropractic Care

Children and learningAre you looking for treatment options without medications for ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia, Autism or other Learning Disorders? At Apex Chiropractic & Wellness Center you will find many resources to help your child perform at his or her best.

You may be experiencing:

• You and your child are struggling with schoolwork every day.

• Your child is frustrated with school

• His/her grades are not where you think they should be – you know your child is smart but isn’t performing well at school

• Your child’s behavior is hard to control, or he/she is overactive.

• The child’s self-esteem may be suffering.

• Your child won’t sit still, teachers say he/she is in “constant motion”

• Your child is easily distracted or can’t focus

• Your child may have many allergies

• Your child may be a picky eater

You and your child want:

• Less struggle

• An easier time getting through homework

• Increased focus

• Better grades

• Improved behavior

We can help:

Through a program tailored to your child’s needs, which may include chiropractic care, dietary changes, nutritional supplements, and neurosensory integration work, your child may be able to experience the changes you are hoping for: less stress at school, less time frustrated with homework, better grades, increased focus, and improved behavior.

children and learningHow do I get my child evaluated?

Call to schedule an appointment. We will email you some initial paperwork that you can complete before your appointment.

What should we expect on our first visit?

Your first visit will include a detailed review of the history, a postural exam, a chiropractic exam, and a sensory evaluation. This generally takes 45 minutes but sometimes we need to break up the appointment to accommodate the child’s abilities and complete it over two appointments of about 30 minutes each.

You will then be scheduled for a follow-up appointment to review the results of the exam and discuss treatments options.

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