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Success stories from our patients. 

Learn about how our patients have received relief from pain, achieved greater overall wellness, stopped smoking, and experienced many other benefits from chiropractic care.

“When I first came to see Dr. Jahnke for auriculotherapy, I had been trying for several  years to stop smoking/using tobacco. I had tried patches and gums and every treatment I could find but nothing was working. 

I had 3 short (~ 10 minutes) sessions of auriculotherapy. They were very simple and actually calming. 

On the morning of my first session I threw out the last of my nicotine patches and gums and have had no need for them since. The physical and mental benefits of being nicotine free have dramatically improved my quality of life.”

– James B

“I was a smoker for a long time and I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed about every cigarette I ever smoked. I knew the risks and I did quit a few times, only to begin again when the next little trauma entered my life. I thought that when my husband quit smoking that I would be able to quit also… but I didn’t. Last year when Dr. Jahnke told me about auriculotherapy, I was intrigued but I think in the back of my mind I felt like this would be one more case of quitting for a while, only to begin again. 

When I went for the first session, I still had a few cigarettes left, which I did smoke before the second session. I don’t know that I even envisioned myself being a non-smoker. After the second session I was finished. It wasn’t that I didn’t want another cigarette – it was more like I just didn’t smoke another cigarette. In a couple weeks it will be a year since I smoked my last cigarette. There are still moments of wanting to smoke a cigarette, but I just don’t follow through. There are moments when I think I’ll just stop somewhere to buy a pack… but it, too, passes and I just don’t follow through. The best part is that it’s not a struggle to not smoke and I can just push the thoughts away. They are just thoughts and not cravings. It’s like part of my brain will say “this is what you have done in the past in this situation” but another part of my brain is saying “yes, but you don’t have to do that now”.

– Nancy

“When I first came to see Dr. Jahnke, I was experiencing severe pain in my groin from a pulled muscle or tendon. The pain caused me to use a cane in order to keep weight off my left side. Because of this I was stooped over and had terrible posture.

I was surprised by the gentleness, but effective results of my treatment. Dr. Jahnke uses light massage and manipulation to get and keep me in alignment. She performs miracles with her hands.

The pain from the pulled muscle was gone in a matter of weeks. I had significant improvement in my posture. Back pain which I thought was part of getting old is gone! Now I am on a maintenance which catches a problem as it occurs or before it happens. My activity level is better than it has been in years. I am walking four miles a day!”

“Her knowledgeable methods are simple, gentle, and don’t involve pretzel like contortions….Though I highly recommend Apex, I selfishly do not want too many people to invade this wonderful Center.”
“…both Barb and Dr. Jahnke were very supportive and encouraging throughout the entire process of healing.”
“I think of Dr. Jahnke as a whole health practitioner. She asks me how I am, and she really listens….Dr. Jahnke has done an amazing job of improving the quality of my life…and I have benefited greatly from this whole health approach.”
“Dr. Jahnke is excellent at explaining what she means, why she’s doing what she’s doing, and making sure that you’re okay/comfortable with it…. she took a holistic approach to wellness by also being able to offer nutritional support as well….Dr. Jahnke is actually out of network for me, but I’ve continued to go because I believe I’m getting excellent care. I’d highly recommend her!!”
“Amazing care. Dr. Jahnke has helped me to live a healthier life. I feel more alive and full of energy. My 9 year old son, who has had trouble focusing in school, has benefited immensely from Dr. Jahnke’s care as she has helped identify issues that were causing the problem, and was then able to treat them. I’ve seen marked improvements in his ability to learn and am SO grateful that we haven’t had to resort to medication to help him out.”
“Her gentle approach is more effective than expected; she doesn’t believe in “surprise” manipulation…. Her source of knowledge is extremely extensive. She takes my situation as a whole body approach by helping my body balance with supplements, exercises, etc. I definitely give her a 5* rating. Her staff is quite marvelous too!”
“She has a great deal of knowledge and can help with more than just chiropractic care. She gives great advice on herbal and natural remedies for anything you can think of.”
“…I was very apprehensive about going to a chiropractor… I nervously went to see Dr. Jahnke…. I was very impressed with her true interest in listening to my situation and the aggressive plan of action to address my pains… after the very first visit I wondered why I didn’t take this approach sooner?”
“There are a few blessed people with a healing touch out there and Dr. Laurie Jahnke is one of them.”

“After three visits, I noticed my pain was not recurring.”

When I first came to see Dr. Jahnke, I was experiencing constant pain. I stopped exercising because every step I took brought pain. After three visits, I noticed my pain was not recurring. This has greatly affected my life. I went to pick up my daughter from Drexel University and we stopped in Washington, D.C. We walked from monument to monument and my daughter said slow down mom. My response, I’m twice your age, truly you can keep up with me. I had no pain.

“I am now able to sleep uninterrupted without pain…”

When I first came to Dr. Jahnke, I was experiencing neck pain, headaches, arm and hand numbness and tingling, hip and lower back pain, hamstring pain, calf pain and foot joint pain. I got immediate relief of 90% of my headaches, almost all my numbness, all hamstring pain and 90% of my foot joint and calf pain. I am now able to sleep uninterrupted without pain and I am starting to run again, slowly without pain. Thank you so much Dr. Jahnke.

“Dr. Jahnke has truly been a great help to me.”

With having a chronic Sarcoid-Rheumatoid Arthritic condition from the age of a toddler, I have endured various debilitating and painful symptoms for years. What brought me into Apex Wellness Center was a recommendation of a friend after I was involved in an auto accident. Since, I have been under Dr. Jahnke’s treatment, I have experienced miraculous results. I have much less pain in my back and neck. Headaches have lessened, tremendously. Stiffness has been reduced and mobility in my neck and shoulders has increased. The ringing in my ears has decreased and I can stand up taller than before. I don’t have to take as much pain medicine as before. When I first came in to see Dr. Jahnke she could barely touch my back and neck without me feeling excruciating pain. The wellness treatment that Dr. Jahnke gives me has started me on my way to a healthier body. My intentions are to continue my wellness program in order to maintain am optimum level of health.

“I can not say enough about this place! They are such great people…”

I can not say enough about this place! They are such great people, both Barb and Dr. Jahnke were very supportive and encouraging throughout the entire process of healing.

I was involved in a car accident and was injured, I originally had gone to a different chiropractor at the recommendation of the insurance company. I went to that chiropractor for only 2 days when I realized I just needed to go back to Dr. Jahnke. I had originally gone to her the previous spring for some other pain I had. It took me about 7 months to completely heal from the car accident and Dr. Jahnke was the reason I am better! Not only did I show up in the office to her knowing me by name, very friendly but also felt like I was her only patient, the time she took on me alone was so great.

Everyday that I would go in, I would get adjusted and then do some therapy. She not only just dealt with me in her office, I got some exercises that I could do at home to strengthen my muscles to help me heal even faster! She also helped me with more natural ways for other health issues that I was having as a result of the accident!

If I had not gone back to Dr. Jahnke I do not think I would be where I am now. She encouraged me and got excited when I was healing and stayed positive when I thought I was never going to be better. I cannot thank her enough for her friendliness, and encouragement and persistence for the sake of my healing! I will for ever and always keep her as my chiropractor and would tell the world about her if I could!

Maddy, a 14 year old, writes about how Dr. Jahnke helped her neck and heel pain–

When I first came to see Dr. Jahnke, I had neck and heel pain (plantar fasciitis) for 6 years. I’m only 14 years old, so I had completely forgotten what it was like to walk without pain. I also hurt my neck dancing and it was pretty bad. I couldn’t move it.

My neck healed fairly quickly and it was done without being forced. I had very quick results! My heels were slower, but nothing had been done about the pain ever before. Dr. Jahnke was very careful with both my neck and heels. I only trust her working on my body if I have any problems again.

I now have full range of motion in my neck and can lift it and my head! Also, my heels have basically no pain any more! I didn’t even remember how amazing it felt to walk with no heel pain. It is so amazing, basically a miracle. Dr. Jahnke is truly a miracle worker!

Bernard, a 51 year-old man, who works as a Regional Coordinator for the Ministry of the Attorney General, writes–

When I first came to see Dr. Jahnke, I was experiencing stomach problems, including constipation, excess gas, irregular bowel movements, trouble sleeping, sluggishness, episodes of depression, mental fatigue, inability to concentrate, and a host of other unexplained discomforts. It was affecting my personal life to the point that I was getting to be antisocial because I just didn’t feel good. It was also affecting my work in negative ways; I was less productive, taking sick days; I was not on top of my game. These problems caused difficulties with senior management and others who were depending on me.

I took the time to fill out Dr. Jahnke’s Metabolic Assessment Form. It revealed many clues to Dr. Jahnke, and a plan was put into action. I received four vitamin supplements, and I took them faithfully for about three months.

The results were amazing. I sleep through the night now, which helps me be ready for whatever happens at work. I can focus and do my work like the pro that I know I am. I haven’t had a sick day in months. The many stomach problems have disappeared, and I’m much more outgoing and energetic. Attacks of depression have also been relieved. I feel much more positive in all areas of my life.

Lisa, a 49 year-old woman, who works as a librarian, writes—

Dr. Jahnke is much more than a chiropractor. I have had a couple of very good chiropractors in my life, and they took great care of my back. But I think of Dr. Jahnke as a whole health practitioner. She always asks me how I am, and she really listens. When I first came to Dr. Jahnke, I was having pain in my lower back. She worked on that, and as the pain in that area subsided, I became more aware of chronic neck and shoulder problems. I’ve experienced some level of pain in those areas for years. Dr. Jahnke has worked on those issues, recommended massage therapy, and offered me exercises that have enabled me to help myself, as well.

…Dr. Jahnke has done an amazing job improving my quality of life, and I could not be more grateful. I recommend her services to anyone who is suffering from any kind of pain or discomfort anywhere in the body, not just the back.

Case Studies on Chiropractic effects on Children and Learning

case study children and learningJoey (Age 10)

Joey’s mom was getting frustrated with complaints from Joey’s teachers about his behavior. School was a bit of struggle ~ Joey’s family knew he was smart but his grades were not reflecting his abilities. The evaluation revealed problems with sensory processing – visual, auditory, tactile, proprioceptive, and vestibular systems. You may be thinking – so what does that mean? With these systems not working well, Joey experienced the following (not inclusive of all problems):

• He got agitated at school in the hallways and gets sweaty and complains in crowded situations

• He had trouble following 2 and 3 step commands

• He didn’t respond well to verbal cues

• He was easily distracted by noises and heard noises that others didn’t notice

• He often lost his place while reading and fatigued easily with reading

• He had a strong visual memory

• He hesitated going up and down stairs

• He had difficulty copying from the blackboard

• He was a very slow eater

The good news is, with treatment, Joey is able to focus for longer periods, homework time is becoming less stressful, and there are less complaints from his teachers.

Chris (Age 13)

Chris’ parents were worried about Chris because he always seemed tired. He had trouble concentrating. He never wanted to play sports. He didn’t do much when he got home from school.

His evaluation revealed problems with visual, proprioceptive, and vestibular processing. With these sensory processing challenges, Chris experienced the following (not inclusive of all problems):

• He was very sensitive to pain, more so than others

• He was excessively ticklish

• He had trouble listening or concentrating with background noise

• He had some difficulties with balance

• He was a “slumper” – he had poor posture and slumps in the chair

• He tired easily with physical activity or writing

• He had difficulty finding objects in a pocket or backpack without looking

• He had a hard time following directions

• He had a hard time with handwriting

The good news is, within the first month of care, Chris was able to focus for longer periods and was finishing his homework faster.

***All names changed to protect patient privacy.

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