Core Score Easy Scan

High Tech meets chiropractic at Apex Chiropractic & Wellness Center.

We are now using technology that has benefited Super Bowl champions, Olympic gold medalists, and numerous A-list celebrities. Of course, you don’t have to be an astronaut or a world-class athlete to want your body operating efficiently. This technology will allow us to have a greater impact on the overall health of our community.

There are three key measurements in a Core Score Easy Scan :
1. Heart Rate Variability which determines your overall ability to adapt to the daily stress you encounter.

2. Muscle Tone and Balance which evaluates the control of the muscles that support and move your spine.

3. Organ and Gland Control which assesses the part of your nervous system that helps control your organs, glands and blood vessels.

All of this gives us information that we can use to help people reverse the effects of hidden body stress on their health. Body stress, that you and I know, can cause people to feel tired and run down, gain weight even while dieting, have trouble sleeping and feel aching in their joints. This easy, non-invasive scan provides accurate results in 15 minutes.

Our investment comes at a time when chiropractic’s popularity is rising, while an over-medicated public has become wary of the pharmaceutical industry.