Two-hour class focusing on holistic options for boosting fertility and your future baby’s health!

We will explore:
• How to reduce the risk of autism and genetic diseases.
• Toxins and Male Fertility.
• How to prepare your body for your baby.

Hosted by: Foundations Wellness Coaching
At The Living Room in Norwood
2368 Norwood Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45212
Saturday, February 8th 10am – Noon

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Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby Speakers:

Laurie Jahnke, Chiropractor

Dr. Jahnke has spent the last 10 years working with families with ADHD and other
neurodevelopment disorders like Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder. What
becomes more apparent to her all the time, is how important it is to optimize the health of the
“parents-to-be” before conception to try to avoid the development of these neurodevelopment
disorders in the first place. The choices we make daily about our food, our cleaning products, our
stress management (and more) are powerful for generations to come.

Stephan Moje, Chiropractic Neurologist

Dr. Moje has a real passion for how the brain and body connect. As a functional neurologist, he can
help the brain heal and optimize its function with complicated neurologic conditions like Cerebral
Palsy, Concussions, Stroke, and MS. With the viewpoint of optimal brain development, he will share
information about how critical the prenatal and preconception periods are.

Theresa Haselmayer, Registered Nurse

Theresa is a certified holistic health practitioner with the Uprooting Lyme clinic in New York, and has
extensive training and experience working with families dealing with complex chronic illness. She
has a passion for helping children, families, and those struggling with infertility.

Danisha Ware, Licensed Massage Therapist and Fertility Coach

Danisha Ware is a licensed massage therapist, yoga teacher and fertility coach, specializing in
Fertility Massage and Mercier Therapy. She is passionate about helping women realize their dreams
of stepping into the role of motherhood by restoring and optimizing their fertility health, releasing
limiting beliefs and connecting to their future baby on a deeper level so they can have an
empowered fertility journey.