My journey: I first took the Health Risk Assessment with the Functional Fitness Test. It took about 15 minutes and it was truly eye opening.  I eat well (gluten and dairy free, limited sugar), exercise 2-4 days per week and am in pretty good health.  But what came up on the Health Risk Assessment pushed me to ask myself, “who are you comparing yourself to – the average couch potato with a standard American diet full of salt, sugar and chemicals”.  “Of course you look healthy!” 

But once my data was compared to what a truly healthy, strong, active person my age should be able to do…well let’s just say I couldn’t do all I should be able to and have since been making changes based on the 90 Day Wellness Plan which was customized for me based on my fitness level, including a meal plan and recipe resource guide and tips to help with the mental shift that any change requires. 

I love that it is customized for me, this makes it safe for me to do and achievable.  I am growing stronger and increasing my stamina, but not in that “go to the gym, get all pumped up but push yourself too hard and inevitably fall off the wagon and feel like a failure” kind of way that so many do.  This is a 90 Day Wellness Plan that is growing my understanding of my body and health potential in a whole new way and I hope it will do the same for you. 

I invite you to rediscover your health with this individual and customizable plan.  Here’s what you can achieve in 90 Days:




Decrease Blood Pressure

Increase Energy

Decrease Cholesterol

Sleep Better

Lose Weight

Tone Up

Balance your Blood Sugar

Improve Mood

What will you lose?

What will you gain?

How much does it cost?

Health Risk Assessment            $29   

90 Day Wellness Plan              $149   


What does it the 90 Day Wellness Plan include?
The 90 Day Wellness Plan includes an Exercise/Movement Plan that you can do at home without any special equipment, meal plans with recipe resource guide to customize for your own tastes, resource videos, daily emails with plan updates (optional at no extra cost), and much more. 

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You’ve Got This!