Probiotics: These are the good bacteria that are essential for wellness. The human body contains about 90% microorganisms and 10% human cells. Maintaining enough healthy microorganisms or probiotics is required for proper function of the digestive and immune systems. Seventy percent of immune function is in the gut and 99% of neurotransmitters (think brain chemicals), are made in the gut. Pesticides, herbicides, and industrial farming have made the western diet deficient in probiotic bacteria. We also kill many of our probiotic bacteria with poor nutrition, prescription drugs and stress. The only way to get enough is to supplement with a quality probiotic. Look for one that has at least three different strains of bacteria, ideally more, with one of them being S. Boulardii.

Side note, if you are sensitive to gluten or dairy, make sure the product you are getting is safe for you.

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