Have you been under chiropractic care regularly? Have you found that you get sick less often than you used to? Have you found that you bounce back from injuries faster than your friends that don’t get chiropractic care? These are common findings in people that maintain their body alignment regularly over time.

With every day stressors including minor physical traumas like sitting at a computer for hours on end or knocking your head on the kitchen cupboard, to environmental toxins or a poor diet, to a demanding schedule without enough rest, your body gets pushed beyond its limits and spinal misalignments or subluxations develop. With regular care, these get fixed before becoming a big problem.

There is great technology that can be used to monitor your body’s adaptability to stress called Heart Rate Variability. Chiropractic adjustments can alter your body’s heart rate variability over time, making you more resilient to stress and disease.

Is it time to take better care of yourself? Monitoring your heart rate variability and using chiropractic care to balance your body can help. Schedule your non-invasive, quick and accurate test today, (513) 931-4300.