I know many of you have felt this way or know someone that does. They are tired, maybe gained a few pounds (or more) in the past year or so, maybe a little blue or maybe really depressed, they have another complaint or two, some they have lived with for so long they don’t even remember. They have been to the doctor, maybe even several doctors. The kicker is “THEY ARE NOT SICK”.

This is what I call the Gray Zone of Health. This is how many people arrive in our office. Their body isn’t functioning well, but the dysfunction isn’t bad enough to be a disease. But, they need help. This is a great place for lifestyle changes, nutritional advice, and maybe the right supplements. I am not talking about the latest article in a magazine and how it can cure what ails you. I am talking about methodical, individual recommendations based on your health history, your eating habits, and your current health status. This approach is called functional medicine, getting the body functioning at its best, ideally, before it gets to the sick zone (but it works then too). Why wait? You could be in the gray zone of health for years before you are sick enough to have a disease. Why not start now?

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